La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2020-06-25 23:08:46 (UTC)

Inspiration is found in the darnest places.

Is it weird that all my life all I ever wanted to do was to be anything else but ordanary. I always pictured doing amazing things for humanity. But then again being a mother is a purty extraordanary thing raising tiny humans to became what ever it is you shape them to be.
I find my self living a very ordanary life and I always dremt of moving to a new town where nobody new me and find a way to inspire other in a meaninful way.
But thinking about all these things that I once imagined and came true compleatly. Except tof the fact that 10 years have gone by and that trill is gone.
So am in the search of something amazing again creating new memories and writing in a more profetional way I guess. I need to create something new, inovate and feel I've found purpose once again. Everything I've conquer so far I've mastered so I will find that one thing that is burning inside me out for every one to see and expirience as well.
And I am a dreamer but I also take action so it can become true.
And now am to excited better start writting these ideas down in my notebook.
Inspirations if found in the darnest places.