Experienced Life
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2020-06-25 11:11:12 (UTC)

A weak moment 🥺

So sometimes some memories of the past can't be avoided and I stumble into it. For example, I was just prepping for camping. I have my fish finder so I'm charging the batteries for that. I have a go pro 5 and am charging the 1/2 dozen batteries I have for that too. I check my camera to make sure it still works and looked to see what's in the memory card.

Looking at the pics, I see that I last used it when I went kayaking with my now ex gf. It was a nice sunny day at the lake and of course, your brain flashes back to the memory. I then thought I should send the pics/vid to my ex gf as she may also like to see it. There were pics and videos of us laughing and having fun with her boy. So I thought it'd be good to send it to her.

Then the smarter me came in and did a virtual self induced bitch-slap to myself. How stupid an idea that was. It reminded me of better days and I have to admit, it hurts a little bit. So yeah, I'm not as strong as I thought I was. For a little while, I have to admit I miss her when I see these pics/vids. But I did what's right. I didn't contact her. I didn't send her the pics or vids. I will delete them as soon as I charge up my batteries.

So like in life, when I clear the memory card, I can start adding new pics and vids. In life, I can create and discover more nice memories that I can recall again one day.