La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2020-06-25 00:58:27 (UTC)

My hearts desire.

I've learned enough trough out my life to know first and most that I am not perfect, I've made so many mistakes that I've learned from my own and others not to make the same mistake twice, because life has it's funny way to make you go through those trials in till you learn your lesson. I've gone to many retreats to learn the things that where the hardest forme to know, and again I say is so much simple to keep it simple, no drama, no complicated relationships. keeping it simple means to me, mind your own business , stay focus on your personal goals, stay happy with what makes you happy, and go on with your life, I have to share something on one of the groups I belong to they talk to you about different subjects and this time the subject was toxic parent generate toxic children, and at one point in my life I might of been a toxic person to a certain extent, but I've learned not to do that anymore and break all those patterns, my mother on the other hand has not, and I don't judge her I just wish I could have thought her better while living with her even though that was not my responsibility. I have two of my own now and it's makes all the difference now to have the tools to help my own children to become better people for this world, integrity and values in general are some of the most important things we ought to leave our children now days, because this world has really forgotten what those are. I only hope I get to live long enough to line up my beliefs with my actions because I still have a ways to go, but truly is my hearts desire to be a woman of integrity for them to fallow.