2020-06-24 20:59:06 (UTC)

Prompt 081: Civil Rights Rally

[NOTE: This entry starts off the series of prompts labeled "The 1960's." This section might be interesting...]

81. In what ways would a civil rights rally in the 1960s be different from one today? If you had been your current age back then, would you attend such a rally? Why or why not?

Ho-lee shit. Is this series of prompts a strange coincidence, or what? The question seems to be more like, "How were the protests of the 1960's different from those of today?"

I think I've already mentioned a lot about civil unrest in this country in previous entries. I think a lot of police departments - the chief arm of enforcement for the wealthy class - are on the defensive. The large US city I live near and work in served as "an admirable model" of "how protests should go." No violence at the event. No looting, no destruction of property, no agitation. I think the two factors keeping it that way were that the cops were walking on eggshells this time around, and that the black folks and their communities are now just flat-out exhausted from all the pain, death, constant stress, and conflict.

...Hmm. I suppose I could ramble on about this topic, but I just really can't bring myself to knit it all together coherently (partly because I wonder how much I really understand, myself). So I'll summarize my thoughts as such:

I'm of the opinion that it's not a race war, but a class war, that needs to happen. Genocide of all black people will not stop the elite and wealthy from sucking the money and power up for themselves, so why bother? Personally, I have no tolerance for racism and other such ignorance/fear, but I have even less patience for corruption and political maneuvering. The fight should be brought to the monied, inbred classes, not to the nation's (or the world's) poorest neighbourhoods. When the rich actually become afraid - when they stop receiving the bailouts - only then will there be substantive change. That's why these demonstrations won't work. [EDIT: To clarify: that's why these demonstrations won't result in true, substantive change.]

...I wonder what things would be like if the Black Panthers could be re-established today. I remember an online conference I sat through (that I also wrote about in an earlier entry) where self-determination was discussed. They talked about how communities can fill in for themselves with their own systems, completely turning away from the ineffectual government. Would COINTELPRO be able to pull off such an effective dismantling again?

A just-as-important question: at this point, what's the most effective way to damage the rich? How can they be made to fear the working class again? What's the modern equivalent of the guillotine?

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