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2020-06-24 20:17:15 (UTC)

I'm A Socialist Today!

Haha... If I were a YouTuber, that title would be clickbait! By socialist, I mean social. Lol.

Either today was an exceptionally social day because I am usually shy, or I am becoming one of those people who talks to everyone - like my husband was. ☺ It could have to do with the fact that I have been drinking quite a bit lately - over something that upset me on Monday. Something I may have overreacted to, due to having PMS and not knowing it! That monster came early this month! So, anyways, I was sober/hungover, but even so when I drink sometimes, I'm still in a good mood even after, when I'm sober again. It frees my inhibitions and I'm still like that the next day, even though I'm then sober. And as long as a hangover isn't too bad, I'm actually energized from it. I know that sounds very strange, but I think I know the reason - I have low blood sugar, so if drinking raises my blood sugar, I actually feel better and more energized than I normally do. Even if my blood sugar is too high, that still seems to feel better than when it's low. The certain times it drops a small cup of soda helps so much.

Anyways... my 3 day "binge" is over now. I don't drink more than a 6-pack a day when I have these "binges," but that's enough!

I'm not worried about making friends. I think that actually makes it easier to talk to people. Ironically, that's how I might eventually make a friend. Also... maybe it can be practice for talking to a future crush. Ironically, though, that's exactly when I overcome my shyness! I flirted with my husband by playing footsy with him! Part of the reason was to make this other guy go away who liked me who was a real creepo. I think my husband knew that, but he liked me, so he didn't mind! And I liked him, so even if I was using him in a way, I was also flirting with him! Yeah... and maybe using the reason of making the other guy mad and hopefully go away, as an excuse to flirt with MT (my husband)!

Have to wonder what a conversation with Joji would be like... at least, I wouldn't be rude and stare at him, even though he's beautiful... 😍😍😍 Yeah, that would make it difficult for me to look at him. Hopefully I wouldn't blush too much or say something stupid. Nope... I just want to thank him for his comedy and music helping me through the hardest part of my life!

I might be getting Francis Of The Filth soon! 🀞🀞🀞