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2020-06-24 12:50:14 (UTC)

When a soul gives up ☹️

My other close friend at work is going through some tough times. I'm close to him almost as much as my friend that recently passed away. We didn't talk about a select few things like my other work friend that passed away but this current friend would be a close 2nd. His Dad fell and broke his back. He'd of course would need some major surgery. But instead, my friend told me that his Dad just gave up. Refused to eat, refused to drink. Just simply gave up on life. That is pretty hard to hear.

This happened early last week sometime and his Dad finally passed away yesterday at 12:30AM. My friend told me about it at 1:00AM and yeah, I'm a night owl. At first, I didn't understand how someone can just give up. And to decide to die via not eating? That's not easy to voluntarily do. But I think about it and understand that his Dad was 98 years old. He wouldn't have survived surgery. He lived a long long life. He was there through the depression. He was there through numerous wars. I can't even imagine this man was born about a few years after world war 1? Wow!!! Then the depression, WW II, Korean war, Vietnam war and countless others. He was around during the famous reigns of the president. He around when MLK was alive. He was there when the space program started. So much history that we now just read about, he was around. His final experience was Covid and the craziness people are being right now. I'm sure that didn't help his will to live.

But I had to think about how much a soul will have to take before they can actually give up and die. I mean, I know sometimes we throw our hands up and safe effe-it, I'm done. But we aren't really. We usually cry for a bit, get drunk a few times way past the legal limit. But the next day, we crawl out of our bed and notice that the sun did come up.

I have no illusions of living forever. I know one day it will end for me as it will for all. It's just the younger people don't understand they're mortal yet. I do know life begins and there will be an ending. I'm just in a state of mind where I'll make the most of it by trying to ride that high. Life starts and it will end. How you ride that gift of life is up to you. I choose to live the happy high :) But I have to admit, in that little dark part of me, I'm thinking "man, if I knew when my time would come, I would max out all my credit cards and live it up before my clock expires." haha. Kidding :) Sorta.

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