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2020-06-24 15:09:29 (UTC)

The Hard Test for my Friend

Y'know how Zoom Meetings are HORRIBLE? Yeah, right...we just had a test (online assessment) and my friend keeps saying its so hard when it's literally 35 questions. On average, in our school, it's maybe lesser or more. Let's just say the school paper is 20 questions. SHE STILL SAY IT'S HARD. I'M LIKE, "bruh...every test is hard for u what is easy" But, I can't really blame her though...school papers are kinda hard but ONLINE ASSESSMENTS are the easiest kind of assessments. I don't have much to write today. BUT i have one thing to ask all the readers...

What did you do for your mother on Mother's day and what did you do for your dad on Father's day???

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