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2020-06-23 20:47:30 (UTC)

Rude awakening 😱

Oh man!! I tried out a different crossfit gym today just for a look-see. Holy Crap!!! I was blown away! I struggled. They do actual crossfit stuff you see on tv.
We did some stretching with our hip flexors. Not the normal stretch where your on one knee back leg and the other leg at a 90° angle up front. We also grabbed the back foot and pulled it up! Holy cow that was more than what we did at my regular gym.
Then we did clean and jerks! We rarely did that at my regular gym and we didn't even do it correctly. Well, today I found out the fundamentals of a clean and jerk.
Later we did wall balls. Easy right? Usually we squat, toss ball high up into the air and catch it and squat. But nope, this time, we do the wall ball, catch it and go down to a reverse lunge in one fluid motion and go back up and toss the ball again getting ready to receive it and reverse lunge the other leg. Knee all the way down to the ground so I couldn't even cheat and do a bohemian reverse lunge. So I was humbled today. A lot more strength in this class compared to my regular gym. At my regular gym, I'm a badass. At this gym? Dang rookie for sure. I was barely able to keep up with the rounds the regulars were doing and I had to dig deep for sure.

So I've decided to join this gym and keep my other one too. There were options but I'll buy the punch card option where I buy 20 or 30 sessions for a certain price. That way, I can do my regular gym 3 times a week and this kickass gym twice a week still keeping my 5 days a week average going.

Dang! I can't still believe that gym!! Butt kicked for sure. But I know I need this because I was sort of idle the past year staying at the same weight and my tone was good but muscle building sort of just stayed at tone. I need to improve my Spongebob arms to look bigger and better. So... the journey continues .

I did get to see my Superstar friend today. Good thing because my car was at the shop. She picked me up after she was done working and we had lunch. She's such a good friend. I like how she's always so fricking happy. ALWAYS HAPPY!!! She makes me seem like the grumpy dwarf from the 7 drarfs! We talked about camping and I gave her the responsibility of picking our meals. I gave her my credit card and told her surprise us and buy what we need for food and don't go feeding the hungry in some poverish village and give me a plaque or anything like that. Just the food for our camp! And don't go buying a SUP (Stand up paddleboard) like she wanted. lol. She says I'm crazy funny. So it'll be fun. Should be a great camp this weekend. It'll be in the low 80s F where we'll be going. Back here at home, it'll be in the 100s! Yipes!!

That's pretty much it. Boss was an a-hole today but i can turn him off in a min. That's what's awesome about Team chat and teleworking. With a click of a button, poof! He is gone. haha. Dumbass can kiss my butt!

That was my day. Pretty sure I'll be hurting tomorrow doing all those clean and jerks. I'll be going to my regular gym this time and it'll be Warrior Wednesday. Just high intensity cardio. I can live with that. Time to watch a couple of shows to turn my mind into a vegetated state for a few hrs. Great day today. Good day to be alive and kicking :)

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