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2020-06-22 21:40:23 (UTC)

Bloodwork and Gym ☠️

Ok, did some bloodwork before gym class. I was thinking a vial and I'm ok with that. But when I went to my clinic, the lady drawing blood filled up a vial, then two, then three. I'm thinking what the hell? Is my blood going to a vampire buffet or what? Three vials? But ok, no bitching allowed. Before hitting the gym, I swear I drank nearly a gallon of water. Well, water with my bcaa mix in it.

Got to the gym and of course, being full of water, I had to pee a lot. Twice in one session. But unlike before, we can't leave our designated squares unless given permission. So yeah, like in grade school, I had to raise my hand asking to go pee pee. Haha. Embarrassing but better than peeing in my shorts :)

Anyway, normalcy is slowly coming back. I saw more of my gym friends that I haven't seen in awhile. Getting my gym peeps back. I'm loving it. Today's workout was primarily core and shoulders. Squats too but I kick butt in squats now so that part was easy.

More chatting with both my Sisters. It's still ugly and I don't want any part of that drama. Everyone is just acting like vultures and I don't want to get involved in it so I stay out of it.

That's it for today. Small drama with sibling. Gym is coming back to life. Camping is set for this weekend. Should be a great weekend. I'm getting my camping gear back together again.

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