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2020-06-22 12:43:00 (UTC)

Got the news about work 🤮

Well, our State is going to crap so we have to make cuts in the budget. So yup, that means the State workers take a hit. Good news bad news.
We are all getting a 10% cut in pay. Yipes! For me, I'm ball parking around $11,000-$12,000 pay cut a year and this is till 2022...crap! General raises for 2020 and 2021, will be postponed till 2022. That's a postponement of a total 5% increase. Sigh...

Now the good news. We also get 2 PLP days added per month. So we do get a 10% cut be we also gain something similar to 2 vacation days a month too. I guess that's not bad. Also, we don't have to put into our health insurance premiums now. So that for me is about $260 a month back to me to soften the blow. Also, if you have an IT classification, you still get a special %5 raise next month and I just happen to have an IT classification.

If I were to guess, I'd say I and my other IT Engineers will only lose something like 3% cut in pay? Maybe? Won't know till we get our pay in August how it'll look like. Good thing I didn't give away my 2 Buck Chucks just yet. I may have to dip into them once in awhile. And so yeah, no buying any Baluga Caviar anytime soon. Still, I'm getting paid and I still have a job. Life is still good. Just less need-to-have options to do any impulse shopping.

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