Do Not Disturb

2020-06-20 23:25:20 (UTC)

Morning Sex

I went to C house today early this morning before I went to work and yes I asked my mother she said that she didn't care even though she was halfway sleep but I was happy though. We ended up having sex over at his place and he wore a condomn yes but then I fell asleep in his arms and it all just felt great then I almost forgot that I had to be at work at one then after that I just didn't feel like going at all. I just wanted to get the day over with honestly and I eventually did. I got off at nine. Yay! She let me get off a little bit early before nine and that I was very happy for. I was on front counter but I hate it I like working back hole better because I'm to myself. But I'm off tomorrow and I get to see C but not tonight because he says he's " VERY" tired. Idk.

- A