London Life
2020-06-21 23:11:40 (UTC)

Back to the Black Cat

Saturday 20/06/2020
We listened to Dead Ringers then cycled along the canal to Globe Town for a litter pick attended by about 11 people. Quiet Isabella was there - why is she so shy when she's so beautiful? but not many I knew until Patrick and Toyin turned up later. Five of us went for a coffee outside a cafe in Roman Road - great to be back socialising - then Jack and I cycled to Hackney, then along the cycle routes by London Fields and St John's Church to the Black Cat which has just re-opened for take-aways - this was the main purpose of our day out. Like Sally last week, it didn't feel as if I hadn't seen Patrick for a while, after recent Zoom and WhatsApp contacts.

We last went to the Black Cat on the day we knew lockdown was imminent on March. We ate our food in Clacton Square while I checked the football result. I'd had tedious Roger texting me about the game.

We were supposedly heading for London Fields but ended up at Wells Road open space, continued to Victoria Park, where the toilets are now open but the queue was huge, and back along the canal. Aidan happened to be cycling along on a TFL bike, and he stopped to chatter for a while. We stopped by a tea-seller at Islington basin.

Plenty of attractive, bouncing exposed cleavage was on show today, as well as thighs emerging from lightweight skirts and dresses. Sitting by the canal a girl's light dress was taken by the breeze, revealing her entire side-bottom, and more surprisingly her friend's light, baggy shorts did the same. A lot of girls are just wearing sports bras as tops, or small boob-tubes.

In the evening we finished watching a Channel 4 programme about a shocking murder in a London pub car park, which hasn't been solved, as well as the rather strange EFL football coverage. At least they didn't put fake crowd noises on, like the BBC.