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2020-06-21 18:05:12 (UTC)

Over is over is over

I guess it's OVER. I thought he will call me today. But no he did not. I'm still unaware why he did this? Why is he pretending if he wants this. He told me he will call me tomorrow that's today k thought he will but my stupidity to that i expected. He left no room to give me benefit of doubt that he wants me. He clearly doesn't want me anymore it's just he is not telling me. Why why whyyyyyy....
5 yrs all waste? How can he do this I mean we were so good together and now it's all over, it's still hard me to digest that he got so easily convinced. He just doesn't think about me at all.
It's over. I'm single.
It's gonna be difficult for me now to forget everything, I obviously will not let it affect my health be it physical or mental coz i have many reasons to be fit. It's gonna be real difficult for a person like me who easily gets attached even to things like offc desk, mug, old things ye tho relationship tha ek jite jagte insaan k sath. I'll cry silently, alone but I'll wake up like nothing happened. I'll still wish for his good. May he get what he want in life. But regret will always in his heart that he did very bad with me. He not only dint give me importance but also break the promises and trust repeatedly. I guess God wants something good for me. One day I'll have a better job, person altogether a better life. I trust God. Also, I'll be more spiritual now on. But I'll miss you baby. How you starighten my hair, how you help me choose my dress, how you always appreciated abt my makeup, how you liked even I was in bad shape, how you always ask me to order first, how the time we spend was so good. I'll never forget the details ever. What happened to you suddenly? Deep down I still want you, why dint you even try darling. I miss telling you every detail abt my day, my dreams, my recipes, my cribbing God how will I'll cope up with this all. I'll miss your laughter, your husky voice, your I love you your kisses your touches. Every damn thing which you'll forget but i will never. But I have to move on. But thinking of moving on still stops me my mind reminding that you still there in my life. Thinking of someone else or moving on feels wrong coz it has been always abt you my love and it's gonna be difficult. I hate you for what all you did. You say that why are you blamed but this time it's you and only you.
I love you monku, I loved you....