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2020-06-21 01:26:26 (UTC)

Big Drama Back Home 👿

So, there are big things brewing back home. By home I mean back in Hawaii where I'm from. Family squabbles that I won't go into detail with but it is big for sure. Biggest issue we ever had with siblings. I didn't say but I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Something life changing and major came up. It's big for sure. So as a metaphor, imagine a big gala being held in a giant ballroom with food, wine, music etc,etc. Then all of a sudden, everyone is freaking out and a fight breaks out. Everyone is yelling. Everyone is fighting. Everyone is throwing food all around. Brothers, Sisters, offsprings, etc, etc. Crap is flying all over hitting me too. That is the situation going on right now back home and it's effecting me here in Sacramento and my Sisters in LA and Modesto.

But I refuse to be caught up in this. I just get up, walk along the main carpet to get out. Open the two big ballroom doors and close it behind me. Locking the doors so I don't have any of that crap following me out. I pick the crap that's on me off and brush off anything that is stuck on me. Wipe my face as best I can and leave. I end up taking off my clothes and burning it never to be seen again. I take a shower and maybe even contemplate a bath bomb (which I have for real btw but never used it yet. Suggested by a friend).

I'd kick back, listen to some real Classical music like Mozart of something that I'd have no understanding of but it sounds like a cool scenario so I'm using it. A bottle of red wine to quench my thirst and to tantalize my tongue with the flavor of it all and to get me buzzed and it looks like a good scenario to paint too. Then after an hr or two, get up, admire the crossfit work I've done for myself, put on my suit and go out and live life.

That's what I'll be doing. Tonight, I was pulled into this drama back home and got caught up with the carrots in my face, greed, fighting that is going on with my siblings. Nope. I got better things to do. Screw all the carrots dangling in front of me. I can grow my own.

I know this don't make sense to you all but it's my way of self improvement and I will never stop trying to be a better person no matter what comes my way. Tonight was a biggie for sure. That's why I'm babbling stupid stuff right now :)