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2020-06-20 17:47:43 (UTC)

Closure is done

I finally called him up. He acted so normal. I called said hello and he said haan bol. Very causally. I told him I had called to talk he said kya? I said I wanted to talk and finish. He said what do you want to finish? . So so causal.. And he exactly said what I wanted. He dint call coz he dint wanted to argue lol holy God... What m I fool or what. I told him clearly I dnt want such relationship, this is shallow hollow and baseless. He said mom is unwell, dads job is in danger and mine is almost over. Cmon. Let me count on my issues. My mom is unwell so I had to leave my sis alone with her 1 month baby and be with mom to tc, my dad fell in house thrice and hurt his back badly, I'm already jobless,my pf money will be over soon. These are not the reasons to not call reason is boy you have ego, or clearly you don't care.
Why m I considered so low? Why no importance? He convinced me to forget but hello why are you doing it now? Where were you these 2 months?? Don't we have to stand strong for each other?
Conversation went long. He said now I'll call you daily?? Wasn't you suppose to call me before. But he dint sounded like he was sad abt us, or panicked or how usually one should be. He was cool. What is it? Planned or what I'm totally clueless.
He wasn't convincing in any of his words.
M more disappointed. Still I told him clearly that henceforth I'll not check, stalk, sms or call. I asked for my car papers. He was all cool. He just kept saying I have problems but I dnt want to tell you but he told me abt parents and job thing.
Not talking for 2 months for no reason is a big deal. He is like tune batameeze ki he once told me aukat me reh I dint reacted ai. Why ppl betray me? M I not smart enough like them? I dnt even want to. I cannot accept myself that way. He also tried to mock but I dint left space coz no chance it could fit in such convo. He thought like always I'll be cool and take lightly. He dint seem to be upset, I was worried for him how would he react but seemed all ok. STRANGE...
In told him I have no grudges, I respect for all what you did for me. But he was I dnt think abt all this and also saying me that mene har baar tuze aage rakha, meri wishes ko dabaya. Cmon you sound so fake baby. I really loved you like anything. Shiddat se I lived with you and you did very wrong. I stood by you even when our marriage was broken by your parents unnecessary n with ur mistake. N you still dnt realise. I unblocked you, you saw still dint msg inspire of all hints.. God.. Baby how much fool are you going to make?
I did my closure. And I mean it and I'm done.
Good bye all 5 yrs. You were beautiful, lovely. I wish they would have been eternal.