Do Not Disturb

2020-06-19 23:18:35 (UTC)

Drama Free Day

Today is going great so far. No drama necessary. They have me on front this time but I don't think it will be for long. Kind of got stresed out on front counter because some people just didn't know how to be patience with their food because they were so quick to go even when their food was cooking but I just went ahead and let that shit go. I saw C for a whole day yesterday while I was off. He went to run a quick erran but the place that he went to was closed so we came back to my place and we chilled in my room cuddled, ect... It always feel great when we cuddle and everything. I feel so much better when I see him after I get off work because he picks me up and it be my favorite part of the day and I told him that today and he says him too. We had sex twice actually but now my period is on but its gonna come off right back again then we could have sex again. My period only last for three to four days. Hurray for periods lasting three to four days but also not hurray bc I be having to deal with really bad cramps. My whole week this week haven't been nothing but consisting of me and C hanging out and him being at my house and me at his. And I like that and I'm glad he doesn't mind seeing me. He says I'm a pretty cool person to hang around besides me being VERY emotional while I'm on my period. He didn't say that. I did. Not the part about being cool but the part about being emotional. That's me.

C stayed for a little while but then he had to go and get his uncle who btw works at the same Mcdonald's as me but on night shift and while I never knew that was his uncle working their and now I know. All this time. Haha. Lol.

I like the feeling when he takes his shirt off and I lay on his chest. He be saying he's cold but he be warm to me always.

Work tomorrow again but this time from 1-9 I believe then I'm off Sunday. Thank goodness for Sundays and thank goodness he's off tomorrow and Sunday then he can take me. He says he's gonna come early tomorrow and hang with me before I go to work and most likely take me to work.

I wanted to try this mango strawberry smoothie at work everyone's been getting and I did and it was horrible. I kept trying taste it to see if, I liked it but nope... Still hated it. So, I threw that bitch away. I didn't pay for it because that would've been a waste of a dollar and some watever cents. I had a small.

Ivan girlfriend was trying to get me to stay for an hour for drive through but I was like hell no. I didn't actually say it just shook my head no. I don't care if, she's pregnant with his child she should kmow how to multitask just luke everyone else. I wouldn't even be working I'd be resting at home. Bur she's not gonna be here long when that belly gets big.

Anywho, work tomorrow from 1-9 I believe then, I'm off Sunday...

Yay !!!!

- A

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