Teen girl
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2020-06-20 02:53:23 (UTC)


Earlier today I found out that my name was on the list which meant I hade made the cheer team. I was supper excited and could not stop smiling. Of course I shared the news with my family and friends but with making it on the list that meant I would have to quit an club that I was in. I had made so many friends in this club and it was nice but after a while there became a lot of stress and drama which I hated being apart of so it’s bitter sweet to me. However a close friend of mine is not to happy I’m leaving I told the news in a group chat we have with each other and while others were saying they would miss me as it wouldn’t be the same there she just replied with ok. This kinda hurt me in a way because I thought that she might have been mad I was leaving sense we were really close and I just left even though I have said I was plaining on leaving. I don’t think she remembered. I really hope she isn’t mad at me I would hate to strain our friendship. You see I can be so fragile when it comes to friends and losing them it’s a bad trait of mine.