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Las Tortugas y Yo
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2020-06-20 02:37:39 (UTC)

Once in a while.

It's funny when people call me the first thing they ask is how are you doing health wise? And it doesn't boder me realy I just wish their question would be backed up by their actions. Come see me, and have a cup of tea with me.
I often wonder why we all feel so lonely having the most technology the world has ever seen. I can video call you sure, but I can't hug you feel you or smell you. Their something so unique in peoples smells. They triger your brains cells and make u remember the best memories you have with that one person.
My husband hates me every time we go to my hometown because I scream every time I see and old friend, cusin or childhood friend and run up to them and hug them like they are the most important person on earth. I get that from my dad I'm a people person and love to listen to all they have to say. People that make you feel that way are rarely forgothen. You think of them and you can't help but smile.
They are more than 20 people I feel that way about them because I love them and we had a story together one way or another.
I miss so many people when am sick or feeling down physically.
Any how I only wish someone would miss me enough to think of me once in a while.