deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2020-06-19 15:16:35 (UTC)

Loving Observation

Gotten to spend lots of extra and quality time with My whore through the Covid-19 quarantine period and like any proud Owner / Parent / Dominant, I’ve seen just how unique she is. In any relationship it’s always about the “investment” by both parties and in this public forum I want to commend My obedient slut for being as locked in and dedicated as the erotic stares we share before, during, and after any interaction.

Thus, I love how we Fuck. I love the way she will sometimes hint with words or visuals that her cunt is in need to attend to Me. I savor when she wears just the right attire to suggest what will make Me feel best. I burn with desire when she whispers in My ear that no one on earth but Me can summon the submissive slut / whore / cunt creature that she becomes. I selfishly stiffen with cock pride when she crawls to Me to sniff and lick. Proud to Own her!