London Life
2020-06-18 13:17:06 (UTC)


Thursday 18th June 2020
Yesterday was back to work (at home), I dashed off some quick emails to clear stuff before my boss brought in other items. The manager's job has gone to the cliched Northerner, Neal. He won't have the same job as the other manager as he'll have additional responsibilities. Still I hope he'll take some of my work off me.

Another coffee outlet had opened in the market, so we used it and I sat with Jack by the Lock again after he'd met his friend. After work we watched PMQs; Johnson has now taken on the Cameron tactic of asking questions back, rather than attempting to address the issue raised. This time he was questioned about child poverty as evidenced in the government's own report, but replied by asking what Sir Kier's position is on school safety.

I cleared all the debris from my computer desk, and put together my new work monitor. I was going to put the old PC in the bedroom, so I could eventually move files from the hard drive to online, but realised it needs to physically connect via cable to the internet. Anyway it won't seem to turn on at all now, I may have just left it too long before I got my new laptop recently. There must be a way I can connect the hard drive to my laptop.

While I was doing this, we listened to Steve Richards' live Rock And Roll Politics broadcast which was interesting - the audience vote concluded that Johnson won't last until the next election. We finished watching both 'A House Through Time' and the Salisbury Poisoning, the last episode of which was really boring as they concentrated too much on the three families of Dawn (the novichok victim), the policeman who'd recovered anyway, and the Director of Public Health for Wiltshire. There was very little about the Russian spies.

I went to bed quite early but Elina couldn't sleep as her boyfriend has been charged with assault, although he says it was just verbal. They don't know if the CCTV still exists, as the incident was three months ago. She called me: "the only wise and calm person I can think of to provide advice". I got more than eight hours' sleep but felt groggy all morning.

It was raining hard this morning, so we didn't cycle to Tottenham to pick up my bike lock, but just went to Ellie's and the charity coffee shop and ate a falafel wrap. We met the cleaner on the way out. She had nothing to say to me, despite her note to phone me and her request to Phil asking the same.

Again we were going to explore Barnsbury in the evening, but after going in little Waitrose, then finding all the coffee places about to close, we walked to Euston Road then Jack went looking for bargains at Tesco. As he had a bag of food, we sat down opposite the new Google building and again by St Pancras Lock, although I was keeping quiet as I just wanted to get home.