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me and my life
2020-06-19 08:04:17 (UTC)

Nothings seems worth or interesting

M so bored. Bored asf. Nothing seems interesting or worth. Can't find good jobs, nowhere to go, ppl around me annoys me, work annoys me, just no motivation at all.
I see all love posts which was about us some day now everything had changed. No one to care, no one to ask abt things. What was that all a lie or pretends? If he really cared he would have approached by now. Even after msg him he is still cold. God.... I should stop talking about him now.
What is my life? In 30 and no job no love life no stability no money bloody nothing I have. In fact m just losing everything. And I feel. Like still worst is awaits. What's next?
Cya day is gonna be bad I guess. Wati g for miracle.