Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
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2020-06-18 19:59:21 (UTC)

I’ll just stop

My sister wanted help opening a jar, go I grabbed it but my grandfather wanted to show her a trick. I was already holding it so i just opened it. Then everyone looked at me like i was a bad guy. Like Jesus, sorry I helped, I’ll just stop because it seems like every time i try to help her she gets upset. Sometimes angry and my dad had to explain how I only wanted to help. But this time even my dad was upset at me. But fine, I won’t help until asked personally by the very person who needs it. I swear my sister could have a broken leg and be pissed off the second I try to help her walk. In this situation I understand someone else offered to show a trick, maybe I’m so pissed off from this because of past memories being triggered. Grandpa looking at me like “what the hell dude?” Justified. Sister being all bumped out because grandpa didn’t show her how to tap the lid on the counter, easily justified. THE ENTIRE FUCKING HOUSEHOLD LOOKING AT ME LIKE I JUST SNAPPED THE CHIHUAHUA’S NECK FOR THE FUN OF IT. Fuck you...
Honestly, a “really dude?” Would have been appropriate. They didn’t say anything except for my dad; he gave me an understanding. But seeing the facial experience on everyone else was like I was a fucking Villain or something. Am I really being that childish for wanting a more appropriate feeling from others? I didn’t take the fucking jar from here and then avoided giving it back like how she enjoys joking with me. I just took the lid off and gave here the jar. BUT NOPE, I COMMITTED A CRIME. Everyone had to LOOK AT ME, well here i am. A monster in the making... for helping others out...
Why can’t I get a thank you? Because someone else made the offer of showing a little life hack? Okay understandable, i can admit my fault. But could you please not look at me as if I slapped the dog into next week?

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