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2020-06-18 20:03:00 (UTC)

I feel so alive after gym 😀

So I attended another practice gym session again today. I didn't learn enough about the procedures. We have taped off 8'x8' squares on the floor. Apparently, you have to play the "hot lava" game and not step into them. you have to go through the lanes and stay only in your square. I wandered off before class and I was out of my square taking a selfie with the gym background and right away, gym nazi told me I can't leave the square. Haha. So be it. I get it. Rules are rules.

My hamstrings were hurting today so of course, we did more hamstring workouts.

two 1 min intervals back to back. One min rest between the 2 min. Round and round for an hr.
1) Rainbow side lunges with 15 lb weights.
2) reverse to forward lunges on one leg. (staying on one leg for a min then switching legs the other min)
3) ladder climbs with 5 lb weights in each hand.
4) push ups
5) jab, cross, and knee with 5 lb weights with a burpee after each combo.

Of course, I posted on our gym FB page calling out all my fit fam peeps. Holy crap!! Got a surge of gym peeps from my two gyms responding. Mostly about how we miss each other and it's good that we're getting back together again shortly. But of course different because we're having to adhere to the State rules.

New flash, we supposed to wear masks too now. I don't know how that can be done but ok. Fricking Governor. Some people will pass out for sure. It's not easy when you're already sucking wind trying to breath. In fact, at times I wish there was a fan blowing into my face to help me inhale the air. Picture a dog sticking his/her head out of a moving car. That'd be me if I had any say in this.

Anyway, it's great that I stirred up the gym peeps. Getting a lot of greetings on our gym FB page. So yeah!! All good here. One of my life baskets are about to be filled again :)