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2020-06-18 17:30:29 (UTC)

Bizaardvark: The Awakening (5,616 wds)

Bizaardvark – The Awakening
D’Arc Tangent

“Hey! I’m Frankie!” Frankie Wong shouted into the camera, all smiles and exuberance.
“And I’m Paige.” her friend said almost conversationally, and Frankie pressed the button on the remote stopping the camera.
“What’s wrong Paige?” Frankie asked.
“Nothing.” Paige said, but after over five years together, Frankie knew her friend deeper than anyone else, even their closest friends, Amelia and Bernie, whose barn the four had converted into a recording studio where they could film their video segments, now that the video hosting company Vuugle had disbanded.
Frankie wrapped her arms around Paige and held her tight. “Is it Caleb?” she asked, already guessing the answer. Ever since they moved to the farm in Kansas and helped Amelia and Bernie set up the recording studio, Paige has been hanging out with one of the farm hands named Caleb Mathews. He was a little older than Paige’s 21 years, but still young, strong and handsome. Quiet and shy, he was almost the male version of Paige. “Tell me what’s wrong.” Frankie said, as she kissed the top of Paige’s head, lingering enough to smell her hair when the barn doors swung open.
“Hi Y’all!” Amelia called into the barn as she burst into the barn.
“Hey Amelia.” Paige said as her friend walked in.
“Why so glum” Amelia asked.
“Caleb.” Frankie replied, still holding Paige to her.
“What has that oaf done?” Amelia asked
“Nothing.” Paige almost whispered her reply.
“You can tell us.” Frankie said, as she rocked Paige back and forth.
“No,” Paige said, “It’s stupid. I mean, it’s not like it meant anything, it is just, well, never mind.”
“Paige, sweetie,” Amelia said, sitting on the other side of Frankie and putting her arms around Paige, “We’re your friends, you can tell us anything.”
Paige stood up, freeing herself from her friends grasps, and turned to face them.
“You know last week was our six month-a-versary.”
Frankie and Amelia just looked at each other, and shrugged, then turned back to Paige.
“Anyway,” Paige continued, “I thought it was time we moved up this relationship. So, I just got out of the shower and was drying off when I saw Caleb going to his room, and thought this would be the perfect opportunity.”
“Opportunity for what?” Frankie asked.
“Oh Frankie, you can be so naïve.” Amelia chided her.
“Anyway, I slipped into my bath robe and slippers, and headed across the yard to the workers quarters.”
“In nothing but a robe?” Frankie exclaimed, and Amelia patted her hand and said, “Try to keep up sweetie.”
“So, I sneak into the workers barracks, and find Caleb’s room, and knock on the door and wait for him to answer, which he eventually does, and I step in and shut the door behind me. He steps back into the small room as asks what I need, at which point I open my robe, and let it slip over my shoulders, and fall to the floor.”
“Paige, you hussy!” Frankie shouted, “You didn’t!”
“Yep, I did. There I was, in his room, wearing nothing but pink fuzzy slippers and nothing else, thinking this is going to be the night, the night when I become a woman.”
“Yeah, that’s not all it’s cracked up to be.” Amelia said dismissively.
Frankie perked up at this. She always liked to hear juicy gossip, and Amelia’s first time sounded fun. “Please tell.” She said.
“You remember Angelo, my old assistant, before he decided to go back to med school?”
The two girls nodded in unison.
“Anyway, he was instrumental in landing my first really big national sponsor, and we went out celebrating. We had dinner. We had a few drinks, next thing I know I was waking up the next morning, naked, in bed with Angelo.”
“So how was it?” Paige asked, before Frankie could say something cruel.
“Don’t really know. I was sore, I know that, but if it was as mind blowing as everyone says, you would think I would have remembered more. It was just something that happened. It was my first, and last time, well until …" and Amelia’s gaze looked distant.
“Bernie?” Frankie chimed in.
“How did you know about Bernie?” Amelia said, shocked.
“Bernie couldn’t keep a secret if his life depended on it, and this...” and Frankie motioned to Amelia, “is not something he would have kept secret.”
“I will kill him.” Amelia said, then slumping her shoulders momentarily said, “But he is just so eager to please, and well, I mean you should see his wanger.”
At that Paige and Frankie covered their ears and started shouting “LA LA LA LA LA LA..” in an attempt to silence Amelia’s divulging any more details.
“I never really saw that coming.” Paige said.
“Me neither.” Amelia said, “But he was so eager, and so insistent, and its not like there are many options on the farm, I mean who else is there? Caleb? Ugh.”
“Hey.” Paige said.
“Oh right, yeah, well, I guess for you, he’s alright.”
“This coming from the girl that is sleeping with her brother.” Frankie added.
“STEP!” Amelia added, “STEP, Brother, not my real brother.”
“Still.” Paige said, “I mean really? Bernie?”
“Not that I like it any more than you do, but fuck his cock is..”
“LA LA LA LA LA..” they started again.
“Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answers to.” Amelia said with a dismissive wave of her hand. “Anyway, so now you heard all about my time, tell me, what is up with you and Caleb?”
“That’s just it.” Paige said, “Nothing. Nothing is up. I am standing in his room, wearing nothing but pink fuzzy slippers, and a smile that slowly dissolves to embarrassment, and what does he do? Picks up my robe and wraps it around my shoulders. Like who does that, when they got all this?” And Paige motioned to encompass her whole body.
“Don’t know, don’t care. I mean, it’s Caleb, so why are you bothering anyway.” and with that, Amelia left the studio, and as she was going out the door, Bernie was coming in.
“Tonight?” he said to her as she passed by, and Amelia waved her hand saying, “Whatever.” and continued her exit.
“You know her and I …" Bernie started.
“Yes, we know, we just don’t need to know everything.” Paige said as Frankie stared at his crotch, until Paige nudged her shoulder.
“What?” Frankie said, “Are you curious?”
“No!” Paige exclaimed, “I mean, well, NO, I am not, I ..., NO, just no.” Paige finally just shook her head, then turning to Bernie asked, “What do you want Bernie?”
“Caleb wants to see you. Said it was important.” then started to leave, by backing out, so the two girls could watch him, before finally turning around and leaving the barn.
“Do you think he is ready?” Paige asked Frankie, “What should I wear? Should I change into something sexy?”
“Paige, sweetie,” Frankie said as she hugged her friend close, “I love you, but you over think everything. Just go to him. Find out what he wants. If he does finally want to take your flower, I don’t think your clothes are going to be an issue.”
Paige reach behind her, and under her Detroit Rock City t-shirt, and unclasped her bra, then without removing her shirt, managed to work her bra out. “Not gonna need this.” she said, and handed her bra to Frankie who, torn between looking at the huge D-Cup bra in her hand, and Paige's breasts pressing from her t-shirt, just looked back and forth between the two.
“Wish me luck.” Paige said, and rose from the hay bale, and moved out of the barn as Frankie watched her walk away, and sniffed Paige’s musk from her bra.
Paige almost ran across the open area between the barn and the collection of single room homes the ranch hands used as living quarters, slowing to a brisk walk whenever someone passed until she finally arrived at Caleb’s room. She quietly knocked on the door as she simultaneously opened the door as she whispered, “Caleb?”
Caleb opened the door to let her in, then walked over to the sofa and sat down as Paige entered the room, and closed the door behind her. Caleb sat spread out on the sofa, his legs spread showing Paige a fine outline of her treasured desire, as his plaid shirt stretched across his broad chest. Paige smiled at the sight, and buoyed by his very obvious display, began to lift her top off as Caleb stood and strode toward her. Paige had her breasts exposed, but her shirt had yet to clear her head when Caleb’s hands touched hers and pushed them down.
“Don’t.” Caleb said as Paige looked into his dark brown eyes, hurt and pain traced across her face as Caleb took her hand and led her to the sofa.
“But,” Paige started to say, but Caleb put a finger to her lips as he sat down, bringing Paige with his to the sofa.
“Paige,” Caleb started, “I like you.”
“I like you too, Caleb.” Paige interrupted, “You know that? Right? You know...” but Caleb put a finger to her lips again.
“I like you Paige, and I like you, like that, in that way, but...”
“But what? Am I too young? I am eighteen, and you,”
“No, it is not that.” Caleb said, “It’s too much. Too soon. I really like you Paige, but I don’t think I am ready. Not now. Not yet. I don’t want to rush things between us.”
“But I am ready.” Paige said, looking down at the space between them, then at Caleb, “I want this.”
“But I don’t.” Caleb said, “Not right now. I’m sorry.”
Paige stood up, her face red, and her eyes burning with anger as she looked into his eyes, the she straddled his lap, grabbed his face in her hands and kissed him long, deep, and hard. Her mouth opened, taking him in hers, her tongue pushing itself into his mouth until she could feel his response bulging between them. Paige stood up, and stepped back, looked Caleb in the eyes and said, “I beg to differ.” turned, and left his room.
Paige had no sooner left the barn on her way to Caleb’s when Frankie walked over to the barn doors and pulled them shut. In the gloom of the studio she took another deep sniff at Paige’s bra, sat on a hay bale, and undid her pants. Every deep inhale of Paige’s musk made Frankie hornier, and she pushed her free hand into her pants, feeling the wetness forming between her legs as she flicked her bean, her head arched backwards as a strangled sound came from the back of her throat.
“Fuck, yeah!” Frankie shouted as she continued to massage herself, her fingers slick with her juices, “Fuck, fuck, oh my fucking god, yeah, fuck yeah.” she just kept shouting. Her hand coated in her juices, she sat forward, her breath ragged, her heart pounding that she could hear it when Amelia said, “Are you done?”
Quickly moving back away from the voice, and pulling her hand out of her pants Frankie said, “What are you doing here?”
“I heard you, and I was curious.” Amelia said.
“Curious?” Frankie said as she tried to do up her pants, “Curious about what?”
“Well, I thought it was you and Paige, and I wanted to be sure.”
“Well it’s not. Paige is busy being plunged by Caleb, so there is nothing for you to be curious about.”
“So, you and Paige aren’t …"
“No!” Frankie said, but the exclamation seemed to be tinged with regret.
“It’s obvious you want to.” Amelia said.
“What makes you say that?” Frankie confronted her.
“Do you masturbate to anyone else's bra?”
“I’m not …"
“Oh please, it’s right there in your hand. But since you apparently can’t be with Paige, do you mind if I fill in?”
For once in her 21 years, Frankie did not know what to say. The only thing going through her head was one of Bizzarvaark’s early tunes, The Comeback Song, because at this moment in time, she did not have a comeback.
“So?” Amelia said and unhooked the clasp of her dress and let it fall to the straw covered floor. Standing in front of Frankie in black pantyhose and black lace bra she widened her step and said, “Wanna?”
“But you, and Bernie …"
“Pfah!” Amelia said, “I’m gonna let him fuck me tonight, but right now, I don’t want to be filled, I just want someone who has a clue what they are doing.”
“But you, and Bernie …"
“Yes, yes, yes. He has a freaking huge cock, but he has not style. He just pushes it in, comes, and pulls out. If he didn’t fucking fill me so much, I wouldn’t even be doing it, but a woman needs to be intimate, so I am asking, again, do you want to fuck me?”
“But you, and Bernie …"
“I know, I know. How about this, you wanna see it?” and Frankie stared at her for a moment, “So? Do you want to?” but Frankie just sat there, mute, until Amelia finally said, “Look, let’s make a deal. You fuck me. You bring me to orgasm, and I will do the same for you, then, later tonight, you come to my room, and you can see Bernie cock. Deal?” and Amelia held out her hand.
“But you, and Bernie …"
“Get off that. He’s a fuck-toy, that is all. He will do whatever I say just so he doesn’t lose me.”
“But …"
“You say Bernie once more, deal’s over, so, you give me an OH, I show you a cock, and we never have to speak of this again, deal?” and again, Amelia put her hand out, and Frankie took it, pulled herself up, and said, “Deal.”
Amelia made sure the door was closed, and locked this time, as Frankie stripped out of her t-shirt and bra, then slid her pants down her legs, and stepped out of them as Amelia undid her bra. Frankie pulled her panties down as Amelia followed suit with her pantyhose until the two women stood before each other naked.
Amelia dropped to her knees, and scooched across the floor to Frankie, opened her up and stuck her tongue inside Frankie’s snatch. Frankie’s legs went weak, and she had to hold Amelia by the head to stop from collapsing as Amelia drove her tongue inside, over and over, mixing it up with a little tongue curl on the way out, then plunging in again until Frankie fell to her knees, and fell to her back, her knees bent and spread as Amelia drove three fingers into her and Frankie gasped. Frankie’s core clenched on Amelia’s fingers and Amelia smiled, “Like that?” she said.
“Fuck yes.” Frankie said and lifted her hips so Amelia could go deeper.
Keeping her fingers inside Frankie, Amelia climber her body until she was over Frankie’s pert little B-Cup tits, and as she continued to finger Frankie, she suckled one breast, flicking her tongue over the pebble hard nipple. It did not take long before Frankie was spraying all over Amelia’s hand and sweat poured off her body.
“That’s the way you do it.” Amelia said, then wiping her hand in the straw she sat back, spread her legs, and looked through her parted knees at Frankie and smiled at her as she said, “My turn.”
Frankie put her head between Amelia’s legs, and used her fingers to open her up, seeing the bright pink flesh peeking out from the downy blonde bush, close shaved, but not bare, and she licked Amelia like an ice cream cone.
“Seriously?” Amelia said, resting on her arms as she looked at Frankie.
“I’ve never done this before.” Frankie said.
“You are not licking a lollipop,” Amelia said, “You are trying to get the cream out of an eclair.”
Frankie lowered her head again, and drover tongue into Amelia’s vagina, opening her mouth as wide as she could, her teeth feeling the plump flesh as her tongue dove deep inside, and Amelia’s soft moan told Frankie she hit the right spot. Frankie reached under Amelia, grabbing her ass and lifting her up toward her mouth, driving her tongue into Amelia, licking upwards, to her clit, then closing her mouth to suck on the little bundle of nerves as Amelia dug her fingers into the straw and pushed her hips up toward Frankie's mouth as she gurgled out “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.”
As Frankie continued to eat out Amelia, and Amelia was moaning out her pleasure, neither of them heard the lock click open, or even aware anyone was in the barn until they heard Paige exclaim, “What the hell!”
Frankie looked up from between Amelia’s legs, her chin wet with juice, and Amelia, her hips in the air, bent her neck backwards to see Paige standing over her.
“Hey y’all!” Amelia said.
“Frankie? What the fuck?” Paige said, and Frankie pulled away from Amelia, and sat naked in the straw looking at Paige.
“Amelia said if I could make her cum, she’d let me see Bernie’s cock.” and Amelia, smiling with obvious satisfaction, just nodded.
Turning to Amelia, Paige just looked at her and said, “But you, and Bernie?”
“Ugh, not this again.” Amelia said as she started to stand.
“He’s her fuck toy.” Frankie said and Amelia just nodded again, smiling.
“Eat me out, and I will let you join.” Amelia said.
“You are still horny?” Frankie said, then, “Or have you and Caleb …" and she trailed off.
“We are so done.” Paige said, then looking at Amelia, said, “The full Monty?” to which Amelia again nodded, so Paige pulled her top off, as she said, “Fuck men. Let’s do this!”
Amelia undid Paige’s pants and pulled them, and her panties, down, exposing her dark, thick bush, then reclined on the ground with her legs spread, waiting for Paige, who was busy extracting herself from her clothes. As Paige kneeled in the straw before Amelia, she said, “Alright, we’re doing this.” and started with sliding one finger into Amelia’s holes, and Amelia squirmed a little as the finger slid deeper in.
Paige moved closer to Amelia, slide two more fingers into her hole as Frankie moved over Amelia’s face, lowering her body so that Amelia had access to her pussy, as she leaned forward to kiss Paige, and action that Paige returned in kind. Frankie brought her hands up to cup Paige’s breasts as Paige slide her fingers in and out of Amelia, thrusting in, then curling them on the way out as her mouth played with Frankie’s mouth, and Amelia continued to eat out Frankie’s pussy.
Amelia came on Page’s hand then Frankie moved over Amelia, forcing Paige back unit Paige was on her back, and Frankie started to eat her out as Amelia repositioned herself to continue sucking Frankie’s clit. Finally, all three women were exhausted and relaxed, and curled up in the straw all over the floor, and their bodies, until they were aroused by the dinner bell. Slowly, they rose from their stupor, and dressed, brushing the straw from their clothes, and as they left the barn, Amelia told them, “My room, nine o’clock, got it?”
The two girls looked at each other, then at Amelia, and nodded in unison.
“We’ll be there.” Paige and Frankie said.
Supper consisted of Amelia’s dad, his new wife, also known as Bernie's grandma, Amelia, Paige and Frankie, and Willow, Amelia’s kid sister. In the few years that the whole group has been living on the farm, making videos and doing chores, Bernie’s grandma has relaxed her hold on Bernie, and in turn, he has somewhat matured. He still has an unhealthy obsession with the Princess Puppy show but he has filled out and has become a less dorky looking young adult, a fact that has, until today, eluded Paige and Frankie, who have always seen him as the dorky little kid who was their agent for a number of years. Now, because of what Amelia said, and what they were planning, Paige and Frankie looked across the table, and Bernie, the kid, was no longer sitting at the table, trying to sneak his broccoli onto Willow’s plate, but a very attractive man, trying to sneak his broccoli onto Willows plate. After dinner, the family, like Paige and Frankie felt after so long, all sat in the living room and watched TV. As the evening wore on, Paige and Frankie feigned tired, and returned to their room, waited a moment until they were sure the coast was clear, and made their way to Amelia’s room, where they sat on a divan she had under her window. Soon, the door opened and Amelia came in.
“Alright, he is on his way in.” Amelia said as she closed the door behind her. “Are you sure you want to go through with this?”
“It's gonna bug me, now that I know.” Frankie said.
“I’m just here because Frankie’s here.” Paige said, though no one really believed her. Then there was a gentle knock on the door.
“Amelia?” came Bernie's whispered voice, and the door slowly opened and Bernie walked in, then, upon seeing Paige and Frankie, got all nervous and stammered, “Ahh, what’s going on?”
“I told Paige and Frankie about your cock.” Amelia said, with absolutely no embarrassment at all.
Flexing his arms, Bernie said, “So, after seeing THESE Pythons, you came for the cobra!” and for a moment, to Paige and Frankie, he still looked like the dorky little kid from Los Angeles. “alrighty then.” and Bernie started to undo his belt.
“NO!” Paige and Frankie shouted together, holding out their hands in the STOP motion.
“What?” Bernie said, looking confused.
Paige and Frankie looked at each other, talking.
“Do you really want to do this?” Paige said.
“I don’t know. I did. I think. I think it was more like seeing big foot. Does it exist or not?”
“Oh, it exists.” Bernie said, and Paige and Frankie looked to him to see he was naked from the waist down, and his penis hung a good seven inches down.
“Holy shit!” Paige said, and Frankie just stared at it, watching in amazement as it slowly started to rise.
“You take THAT!” Frankie said, “Every night?”
“Well, not every night.” Amelia said, then added, “and not tonight.” to which Paige, Frankie and Bernie all said, “What?”
“You wanted to see my toy, you can play with my toy.” to which the three once more said, “What?”
“This afternoon was exhausting.” Amelia said, “so I am going to your room, and you two, and Bernie, can luxuriate on my king-size four posted bed." then, as she started to leave, she looked over her shoulder and said, “Change the sheets in the morning, please.” and the door closed behind her.
“So, ladies.” Bernie said, as he started to unbutton his shirt, as he stepped out of his pants, “are you ready for the full Bernie?”
“We can’t do this.” Paige said.
“Why not?” Frankie replied, “It’s only Bernie.”
“But he and Amelia.” Paige said,
“Look.” Frankie interjected, “Amelia said it herself. He is her fuck toy. There is nothing between them, apparently on many occasions.”
“Say what?” Bernie asked.
“Amelia says you are just her fuck toy.” Paige said, as if explaining something obvious.
“No, I am her boyfriend. She loves me. It took six years, but she loves me.”
“She loves your cock.” Frankie said before turning back to Paige.
“She doesn’t love me?” Bernie said, more to himself, then, “So there isn’t really anything between us?”
“No.” Paige and Frankie said.
“Well.” Bernie again said, more to himself, then, “Coo. Coo. So, I guess the only real question here is, why aren’t you two naked yet?”
“Bernie, we are not having sex with you.” Paige said, “Right Frankie?” but Frankie was already pulling her top over her head.
“Do what you want, but I am not letting that trouser python get away.” Frankie said as she undid the button on her jeans. As Frankie slipped out of her bra, Bernie said, “Condoms are in the top drawer.”
“What are we doing?” Paige said as she too, started to undress.
“Not dying virgins.” Frankie said as she pulled a line of condoms out of Amelia’s dresser drawer, opened one, and knelt in front of Bernie’s now upright erection, and slid the rubber over his shaft.
“Gee Frankie, you have small hands.” Bernie said as she rolled the condom down his now throbbing meat stick.
“Shut up and get on the bed.” Frankie said.
“Frankie, that’s mean.” Paige said, “Bernie, I am sure Frankie did not mean to be so harsh.”
“No, it’s coo. It’s coo. I’m just gonna get on …" but before he could finish the sentence, Frankie pushed him onto the bed, and climbed up next to him.
“Get ready for the ride of your life Schotz.” Frankie said, as she guided the rubber coated cock into her vagina. It was tight, and she could feel herself stretching as he entered her, but there was lube on the condom that made the entry slightly eaier. “Oh, fuck, that’s big.” Frankie said as Bernie entered into her deeper. “Oh, my, god.” she said, and her face contorted as she tried to accommodate his shaft, then, suddenly, Frankie plunged her body hard onto Bernie’s shaft, “Aaagh, fuck there goes the hymen.” she said and a wave of pleasure quickly followed the sharp pain. Frankie leaned forward, her breasts tickling the skin of his chest as Frankie started to pump his shaft. Up and down she went, up and down, faster and faster and Bernie grabbed her hips and held her as she continued to pump his shaft until finally Bernie wrapped his arms around Frankie, and sat up, holding her body next to his as he filled the condom, then the two of them, spent from the exertion, collapsed on their backs, panting and sweating.
“I never thought it would feel like that.” Frankie said.
“It was great, wasn't it?” Bernie said as he rolled over to kiss Frankie, who pushed him back.
“No.” She said. “That is not what this is.” and Frankie rolled over to slide off the bed.
Bernie slid the condom off, tied it off, and tossed I into Amelia’s trash bin, then laid back on the big bed, arms behind his head and said, “So, Paige, wanna ride my magic cock?”
Paige stood beside the bed, naked, her arms crossed over her ample breasts and looked at Bernie’s body. After just having sex with Frankie, he was flaccid, but still huge. He was definitely a show-er, not a grow-er. “Are you ready for me?” She asked.
“I can be, with a little affection.” Bernie said, as he held his cock in his hands, waving it at Paige.
Frankie moved over to the divan, still naked, and watched. She knew Paige was a people pleasure, and she would give it her all. For her, this was an emotional experience, and she would do her best to do her best. Frankie loved that about Paige, and hoped one day, she would show the same commitment to her.
Paige climbed onto the huge bed, and straddled Bernie, her ass to his face, as she bent forward, her huge breasts pressed against his stomach as she grasped his shaft. Slowly, she moved her hands up and down the whole length, cupping the head as she approached the top, then sliding back down. Bernie lay on his back, Paige’s ass just inches from his face, her swollen pussy lips begging for his touch and he reached a finger out to the glistening labia and slid one finger into her. Paige gasped at the sensation, then placed his cock between her breasts, and massaged him with her tits, moving her body up and down his shaft, the action also moving her pussy up and down Bernie’s finger. After a few strokes, Paige felt bolder, more aroused, and she freed the cock from her breasts and took the whole of it in her mouth.
Frankie was dumbfounded. Her best friend was sucking off their agent. Each time Paige’s mouth took in the huge cock, Frankie dover her fingers into her pussy. The faster Paige sucked him, the faster Frankie fingered herself, rubbing her clit with her thumb as she dove in. Frankie was getting close to another orgasm, her body sweating, her free hand cupping her breasts, pinching her pebble-hard nipples, pulling them forward, her breath coming out in strangled gasps.
Bernie’s cock was starting to stiffen again, and Paige could feel the thickening shaft in her mouth, and pulled back, sitting on Bernie’s finger, driving it into her, and Bernie twirled his finger inside her.
“Oh god Bernie, stick it in me. Stick it in.” Paige was practically screaming as she turned her body to drive Bernie’s cock into her.
“I’m not wearing condom!” Bernie said
“I don’t care, just fucking stick it in.” Paige cried out.
Frankie was up, her hand still slick from her juices as she moved toward Paige.
“Turn around sweetie.” she called out, and Paige turned her backside to Bernie again. “Listen,” Frankie said, cupping Paige’s face in both her hands as she stared into Paige's eyes, “You want to be safe.” Frankie told her, “You have to know what you are doing, or it will go horribly wrong.”
Paige, calmed down, but her hormones were still revved up, the she smiled at Frankie and said, “You’re right.” then turning to Bernie, she said, “Stick it in my ass.”
Both Bernie and Frankie looked shocked, but Paige just leaned forward so that her ass was over the massive cock and said, “Put it in all the way.” and as she felt the tip of his cock pressing against her tight little hole, Paige grabbed Frankie's hands and placed them on her breasts. “I want Bernie inside me.” she told Frankie, “But I want you to make love to me.” and as Frankie caressed Paige's breasts, Paige kissed her hard on the mouth.
Bernie held Paige’s hips as he guided his cock into the tight little sphincter, stretching her hole. Paige winced at the pressure. The pain was uncomfortable, but tolerable, as long as she was kissing Frankie. Paige’s tongue caressed Frankie’s. Their mouths covered each other, muffling the groans coming from Paige as Bernie pushed deeper in. He was half in when Paige pulled from Frankie’s kiss as she gurgled out, “Oh my god!” then with her head tilted back she said, “Pull my hair Bernie. Pull it. Ride me like a bronco you big cocked fuck toy!”
Bernie had never seen this side of Paige before. She was so quiet, so reserved. He liked it. It was spurring him on.
“Suck my tits!” she yelled at Frankie, and plunged Frankie’s face into her bosoms. Paige’s back was arched as Bernie pulled her hair, while thrusting his cock, now balls deep into her ass, pounding away at her as Frankie gorged herself on Paige’s supple flesh. Frankie flicked her tongue across one nipple, as her fingers pinched and pulled at the other nipple. Paige’s heart was beating like a hummingbird’s, pounding in her ears to the same rhythm of Bernie pushing into her. With her mouth on one breast, her fingers pinching the other, Frankie slid her free hand into Paige’s now dripping cunt, slicking her fingers and rubbing it on her clit, and in response, Paige began to finger Frankie’s bean. Suddenly, Bernie let out a strangled scream as he lost his load into Paige’s ass, filling her with his hot seed as both Paige and Frankie squirted their juices onto each other. Frankie fell to her knees, taking Paige with her, as Bernie's cock slid out of Paige, followed soon by the thick cream from his cock. Paige's breathing was heavy, ragged, and she had never felt such an incredible combination of elation, and pain, and warmth. Paige and Frankie held each other tightly, not wanting to let go of each other when Bernie extricated himself from the bed.
“Umm, I’m going back to my room now.” he said as he started to pick up his clothes, but Paige said, “Bernie, come here.” and she held her hand out to him.
Bernie walked over to her, clothes in his hands as Paige took his arm and pulled him to her. As he came close, Paige kissed him, hot, long, and hard, on the mouth, before letting him go and saying, “Thank you.”
“Yes.” Frankie added, “Thank you, for,” then looking at Paige, said, “everything.”
Bernie smiled. “My pleasure.” he said, “Really, it was totally my pleasure.” then he leaned in to kiss Frankie who held up her hand.
“Still not doing that.” she said, and Bernie dropped his head down, and walked out into the hall, naked, with his clothes in his hands.
“So.” Frankie said to Paige, “Amelia’s in our room, and we have to change her sheets anyway, so...”
Paige looked at her with a knowing smirk, and said, “You wanna give the sheets a reason to be changed, don’t you?”
“You read my mind Paige.” Frankie said, “I love you so much.”
“I love you too Frankie.” and the two of them crawled onto the king-size, four posted bed.