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2020-06-18 21:22:21 (UTC)

Mom's 1 st month bday

Today was Momo 1 st month bday. We names her Naisha, her father named her. Nice name it means God gift. We had a small celebration at home. In this all I miss monku. Because he prayed for my sister, he sent positivity. I want to tell him about her, I want him to see her, meet her, I want to tell him her name, how she is and share her pics. But sadly I couldn't. He dint approach me again. I donno what's wrong with him. M also worried. I think i should call him.
I wanted him to understand our situation but he is not taking it seriously at all he is just no valuing it.
God.... M so worried abt my future as well.
God tc of him and me also.