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2020-06-17 21:41:44 (UTC)

Careful what you ask for 😨

Went to my first in-person gym session post Covid. The place looks great. Lots of room. To enter, we have to get the normal temp reading, sign a digital waiver, stepped on a soaked mat that I'm sure had some anti-bacterial solution. Got a plastic bag to put our things in and got assigned an 8x8 ft square.
Here's what we did.
1) Squat with two 15 lb weights. Full overhead arm extension when I get to the top and adding a calf raise.
2) RDL 60 lb kettlebell.
3) Iron cross
4) Slow motion bicycle crunches
5) Something like a bent row but elbows not bent and we'd just spread out with weights(Sorry, forgot what it's called)

Some people were wobbly. Coach saw and pointed that out to a couple of them after class. I myself lost balance on one of the squats. Almost fell over backwards but I caught myself in time. Haha. After class, I wanted to puke! Kidding but maybe no so kidding. Yeah... online is nothing like being physically there. At the gym, it's not like at home. At home, you can sort of fade to the side of the screen. Can't do that at the gym.

Got home and just sat my ass on the sofa. Glad I went so I'm breaking this funk before my regular gym opens up next week. But I did get my fix and I'm loving it. I just love this S*#t!!!

I was careful. RDLs, bicycle crunches, and that bent over row thingy was putting some stress on my back. I just made sure my core was tight and my back was straight back and not slumped. That helps your back a lot. And the technique for RDL need to be done right.

Checked on my friend Jenny. She's doing ok. Oh, got word that we may not get a cut in pay!!! Hell yeah!! If so, then I can donate my $2 Buck Chucks.

That's if for tonight. Good night diary and diary readers.

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