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2020-06-17 22:03:20 (UTC)

Rolan x Camila Funny Moments: Part 1

From the That 70s show:

04-13-2017: Naked in Life Science:
Rolando: (sees the Male body picture) Naked person.
Katerina: (blows a raspberry) I love this picture!
(all students laughing in Life Science)
04-21-2017: Katerina is taking a picture of Eric wearing a dress:
Rolando: Hey baby!
Katerina: Hey
Alex: So Kate, I think Max wants to take a sex picture
Katerina: (scoffs) Really, you kissed my slut!
Rolando: Excuse me!
(Eric enters, as he wears a halter dress)
Katerina: Okay Eric, you look good.
11-13-2017: Esteban dumps Alexa:
Alexa: So you have your nudity look at it?
Rolando: Okay baby relax.
Esteban: I love you
Alexa: You are weak! (goes on the laptop, and searches Nudity pictures, and goes on Facebook, and types on the Nudity pictures are my life, and sends the Caption) Success!
Esteban: (goes on Alexa's Facebook page, and sees the Nudity) Alex!!!!!
12-11-2017: Bullying Like A Slut:
Katie: No worries, Just relax!
Alex: Okay. (pours a soda to Esteban)
Rolando: Alex!
(Kat and Alexa laughing)
02-28-2019: Shopping Cart:
Torres: Eric, write it down!
03-13-2019: He's naked, Eric is Single:
Eric: Want this dress?
Maris: (takes off my bodysuit, and puts on the sequin halter dress) Good right?
Eric: Yeah.
Rolando: How are you my love?
Maris: Good.
Rolando: Do you have a girlfriend?
Eric: No. (writes the word No for the sketchbook)
04-10-2019: Esteban Is Gay:
Rolando: What a pride day
Noel: I know bro, Maris do the something.
Maris: Guys, it's just a show come on. I have the Sex pictures
Andre: Maris, can you tell us what happened that you dumped Esteban sometime?
Maris: See this. My ex boyfriend is officially gay.
Rolando, Noel, Murguia, Andre: Oooh!
Andrea: Maris!!! Do you have your scandal account?
Maris: Andrea, listen. This is what happened that Esteban dressed as a nurse, and he just twerk in front of the patients. And this is not the time that Esteban is Gay.
Rolando: Are you sure Maris?
Maris: Yes. (goes on my phone, and types on the messenger that Esteban, you are gay!)