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2020-06-17 14:31:06 (UTC)

Gym reopening my first visit 😱

Ok, I'm visiting the reopening of one of our gyms. Never went to this one before so I'm a little nervous. I checked Google maps and realize that it's pretty much the same distance away as the gym I've been going to. The one I was going to before Covid is Southeast from my home and East of work. The gym that just reopened is Southwest of my home and of course West of my workplace. So as far as distance, it's not bad. With traffic? It'll probably suck but we got Covid right? So traffic won't be the same for awhile. Anyway, I booked a session today to check out that gym. A little nervous but my back feels better and I can kick ass so I'm good to go.

Regarding work, I found out we will be able to telework for a lot longer now. Perhaps till the end of the year even and beyond. To make our work environment adhere to the CDC rules (like how our gym did) would be a monumental task and we don't have the correct people to head off that project. So for now, I'm the only one that goes to work physically in my aisle. I will renamed my aisle to my name. Haha. The next Aisle over, only two people. My friend that I go to lunch with and that lady engineer. I'm good either way. Work from home or at work. I'm good with either or and I do just that depending on if I feel it's pajama day or to dress up.

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