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2020-06-17 20:08:09 (UTC)

Brisa x Violeta Part 1:

Brisa = Victim
Violeta = Victim

The Morales Sisters
BriVio = Family Member, Siblings, Sisters.

Violeta is the second youngest of Brisa, Andrea and Alex.
Brisa is the third youngest of Violeta, Andrea and Alex.

Violeta is a shy, slasher, and terror student in the San Antonio Hawks High School.
Brisa is the sweet, fool and liar student, and she is the cheerleader of San Antonio Hawks High School Student:

05-25-2020: Sisters:
Young Violeta: Well I have the salad for lunch, so you can keep it.
Young Brisa: Violet, you don't have to give away food from the kids, they're weird.
Kid with the Glasses: Hey Violet, you are going to hell!
Young Brisa: Knock it off!
(The kid with the glasses exits)
Young Violeta: Weird. (eats the pecan salad once a day)
05-26-2020: Bullying with the Sisters:
Ms Naomi: What letter is this?
(Brisa raises hand)
Ms Naomi: Brisa.
Young Brisa: C.
Ms Naomi: Correct Brisa!
Young Nina: She's wrong!
(Nina and her friends laughing)
Young Ricardo: Knock it off!
Young Mauricio: Nina, don't bully my friends
Young German: Brisa, don't listen to her.
Young Gerardo: Nina, do not say wrong to Brisa, she's nice.
Ms Naomi: Silence!
(Nina and her friends laughing stopped)

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