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me and my life
2020-06-17 19:52:53 (UTC)

Fed up and worried

Today also Monku dint call msg or did nothing but might have stalked me on whataspp which he think is a big thing. What the hell is wrong with him. Is he acting smart or what is he upto? I'm fed up. He had ruined it completely. I'll not msg him now at all. I have 2 things to tell him about my car papers and other if he had mannat for baby then to ful fill it. But I'll really need time. These days j really feel empty. I feel worried, sad I just feel like thinking and thinking abt future coz it's just has ruined. My career, wedding everything.
God know when things will be fine. Monku ruined it everything in a snap. He is still not taking me seriously and m surprised, saddened, annoyed, upset and what not. I'm mad because he is not making effort at all. Ek tho he is being smart or he has gone mad.
May he be just fine is all night want. M feeling bad that I'll not be with him. We are not together. Inspire of telling him this. He is still not taking things seriously.
God kaha hai tu????