2020-06-17 13:58:56 (UTC)

Can this be love?

To my diary,
I am now in constant communication with someone whom I only seen in a photo. I can't avoid being doubtful like is this person for real or not. I saw his profile in an application where everyone can have access on it. I sent an email first and that's where it all began. I cannot say that I like the person but his not bad looking based on his picture. I am hoping and wishing that it is the real thing, waiting for almost 5 years being single is already enough. I am praying that his the right one for me. I am considering a lot of things like, is he a good person? Am I the only one? How many of us are in his contacts? Am I the only one receiving this email?
In addition, I'm considering his age. His 41 y/o already and it is not the age of a person wherein you fool someone, right? I need to make sure that I have a self preservation about myself just in case that things don't go as I wish it should be. Still waiting for the right person up until now.

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