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2020-06-17 10:17:48 (UTC)

He is still Cold

After I messaged him. He replied saying same thing which I knew that I don't want fights and argument so I did not message how should I rely Or how should I react. I did tell him about closure and he was not accepting I still see no effort. He left conversation in between and he dint again even bothered to message me to end argument. He just kept telling me lets end argument but what abt your plans? We will end but what are we going to do next?
He said like always that he is in trouble I don't know abt coz he doesn't share. Then whats the use of even telling me. I do have problems for God sake. Why is he not understanding.
He told me that he noticed me unblocking him but did nothing about it. How moron is that. I don't know why is he acting so weird. M bothered for him m worried.
Now I won't message him. I told him what I had to tell him. I hope he understand. I have to find a job ASAP. So that i can move ahead in my life.
Nobody cares about me atleast he tho not at all. He is just not putting efforts he just want things to be assumed. What a loser attitude is this.
Come to see me, beg to stay, or at least call me. But no. Oh god where m i stuck. Am I doing right? Or is this just normal and m stretching it.
No I'm sure not stretching it. This is serious.

I'll drive car after 3 months. Was thinking to go for a haircut. i miss him how he would take me everywhere I wanted to go salon, shopping, dining or just a drive without complaining. That way he was best but I guess all bfs do that. When a person takes step for you in hard time then he is best for you or true to you.
See how my all topics ends with him. For me it's just him in everything but for him it was never. I was never only his problems and his family for him that mattered.
Cya... I'll update as he message. He is still COLD asaf. No efforts how disappointing.