La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
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2020-06-17 05:39:10 (UTC)

My bucket list.

Once a long time ago before I knew I'd ever be a mother I use to have a book collection of journals and in one of those many pages I wrote a kick the bucket list and as hard as I tried to remember that list I only remember these..
-Go to alaska ✔
-Euro bungy✔
-Road trip across Mexico✔
-Bannana boating in Acapulco✔
-Dive from a 25 meter trampoline✔
And now I decided all add a few...
-Sky diving
-Visit Mexico City mayan pirimids
-Go to the underground caves in Taxco
-Visit a VanGo Musium
-Go to Huatulco virgin beach in Oaxaca
-Meet up with my entire family before I turn 50
-Write a book. I wrote a chapter in a #1 selling book on amazon. working on my memoir.

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