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2020-06-17 05:28:06 (UTC)

A big hug to heaven.

The 14th was the day my dad was born. And he had his oldest brother whom he disliked oh very much. So ironically my uncle died that same day. I felt very bad for all my cusins and my aunts. But knowing the kind 9f man he was during his life was not one to make you feel empathy. He was a greedy mean selfish man. I know deep under he might of had good feelings. But it took him a great deal of trust to make them hapend. So all I say is that for what ever kind action whatever small all think of him and send him a big hug to heaven hopefuly he and grandpa are celebrating with my grandma and my aunt judy and uncle abel all together as a family. May they all rest in peace. Good night!

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