Carrie notes
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2020-06-17 03:26:32 (UTC)

Don't You Dare

I wanted to scream don't you dare come any closer the minute I saw my aunt Carol. So many times I put my faith in her and I only got burned.
1. She used being my payee to manipulate and control me.
2. She expects to run my house like she runs hers.
3. I expected to buy the things she wants me to have.
4. If I call or text her while she is in an appointment I get a lecture with no end. Yet if I'm in an appointment she can call or text me all she wants.
I almost gave up changing payees a couple of weeks ago. But last week aunt Carol confirmed that would be a bad choice. I just hope that it's not too late to accomplish my goal and have access behavioral health take over as my payee.