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2020-06-16 19:01:27 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
I think I got a forbidden crush and I shouldn't. Have you ever had a job where you try to be as professional as you can, but then that one individual comes into your job as a client and you realize they are attractive. Unfortunately, at my job, many times the women are unattractive or broken, where I have total professionalism. But alas, one girl has entered the place I work and is a mega attractive. Most guys would do anything to date her, but she is broken herself. I guess my point is, I am a professional and she's a client. I don't think I should be crushing on a client. So maybe it's time to find a new job? I've been looking because right now, I know if I do anything unprofessional, I'll lose my job. More work tomorrow, talk Thursday.