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2020-06-16 23:34:03 (UTC)

In Defense Of... The South & Mormons/Also... Laughing At Stupidity!

I want to write about all the stupid things people said today, but I'm afraid if one of them comes across this, they will figure out it's me. Yes, all the stupid things that depress and/or make me angry because as lonely as I am, I am so very sick of being surrounded by idiots all the time! And it's not just at work! Honestly, without giving away exactly where I live, I think this is one of the dumbest states in America! And no, it's not in the south! People have that stereotype of the South being stupid, especially up here! So now y'all know I'm up north. Well, even though I used 'yall,' I'm not even from the south! I'm originally from southern California!

My husband was from the South. Maybe thats why I tend to be defensive about it. I called him a Beverly Hillbilly because he moved to southern California when he was about 9. He never lost his southern accent, though. Lol. I'm also defensive of Mormons because he was Mormon... though, far from any stereotype of Mormons. He was a smoking, drinking, cussing Mormon. He used to joke that he was a bad Mormon and that, I acted more like a Mormon. Like, a goody-two-shoes. In fact, the boy I liked in 10th grade initially thought I was Mormon because I was so quiet. No. I grew up Episcopalian. I went to high school in Arizona, though and there were a lot of Mormons there. Anyways... I dont particularly care for their overly conservative view of the role of women and other than that, while there are really bad Mormons out there, the worst I can say about the ones I've met is that they are corny. Lol. They are goody-two-shoes. They are just like The Brady Bunch. I've read most of The Book of Mormon and a lot of it makes sense. I believe Jesus traveled to India and The Book of Mormon says that he also travelled to the Americas. It says that a tribe of Israelites moved to... South America? There was one seafaring tribe... The Zebulonites. So, who knows? Now, I have to say that I don't care for Brigham Young from things I've heard about him. Not sure about Joseph Smith. I'd have to look more into it. Anyways...

Say what you will about California, I'm not insecure! I'm really just a small town girl from a small town in California! Think Mayberry, but with tumbleweeds! Anyways...

The levels of stupidity are overwhelming! I may be losing brain cells... Maybe laughing at it all is the only way to restore them!

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