London Life
2020-06-16 15:58:23 (UTC)

Half-Marathons and walks

I'd pledged on Strava that I was going to do a June half marathon, and today was the best day to do it. After our morning cuddle, and reading Guardian Daily, I didn't leave until nearly 11:00. Once again I saw Abi also running - we joked on Saturday that we'd seen each other constantly during the lockdown. I also thought I saw Sarah M and shouted her name, but "she" acted in a confused way. Later I saw her Strava map and it didn't seem to concur but she still thought I might have seen her. I ran along the canal and down to Limehouse, through the Wapping channels and King Edward Park.

It was a bit confusing down by the river, with the passage under Tower Bridge closed so that I twice came back on myself, and with another couple of paths closed along the river walk, but I plodded not-particularly speedily, but quite comfortably, until meeting Jack in Granary Square.

We got a ciabatta bread, but unfortunately he wanted to go to Waitrose whereas I really needed a sit down. Eventually we did have a sit by Gasworks Park. I was thirsty all afternoon and didn't have the strength to do the bedroom-sorting-out which I thought I might do on both my holiday weeks, I just lay in the bath and then on my bed reading the Guardian and Jeremy Vine's book.

After the Manchester Half was finally cancelled yesterday - there is an option to transfer to next year, but if you don't do anything you get a refund (minus £5) which is a good way to do it - I looked at other groups' plans and I am now thinking it may just be possible to go to Tallinn in September with some friends for a run there. Estonia have no longer got restrictions on UK arrivals, they seem to be out of lockdown but we would need the UK 14-day quarantine for arrivals to end first. Also I am now optimistic that the Reading Half could take place in November.

After vaguely wandering around the market and failing to get a coffee at a recently-shift corner cafe, we got food respectively at Mildred's and Wagamama, though we had to wait. We ate it by the hotel. It was a lovely evening and we could be glad that the lockdown wasn't in winter, when we'd have to sit indoors on cold dark evenings. We were observing some young men on the canal sharing cheery comments with everyone, and watching people tackling the towpath hill.

I got back for a group chat with Finchley people. They'd been doing yoga, and Kat had broke off to join the chat, but no-one else joined after the yoga except Vicky and Danny if course, who I'm beginning to like more. The topic of conversation was the same as it's been with the other groups in recent days. Vicky's hair and make-up looked amazing, for someone who'd been doing yoga, and she looked better than she has for ages.

Before bed we saw Part 2 of The Salisbury Poisoning. A bit too much about the families of the public health officer, and the policeman who was ill.