Beta sissy cock slut

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2020-06-15 22:24:34 (UTC)

Rules I live by

1-Never refuse a alpha male
2- accept you are not worthy enough for girls
3- You have a clit not a dick
4- Your only good for being used
5- Its a honor to be allowed to suck or get fucked by a alpha cock. So be the best sissy slut and be thankful your being used.
6- a sissy is always cleaned out shaven smooth and prepared to take cock if asked.
7- your purpose in life is being a cum dump and fuck hole.
8-always thank the alph male when hes done using you,( ect thank you sir for allowing me the privalige to suck your cock and using my pussy. to cum in )
9- You can be degrded humiliated, exposed black mailed loaned out, filmed, used, pimped out by any alpha male.
10- Be thankful that your a beta sissy slut and that you are allowed to suck cock and be fucked
11- a blow job doesnt involve hands. a blow job is cock fucking your mouth. If your sucking and using a hand on his cock that a hand job.
12- you should always be caged and pluged if you leave the house
13- everybody is better than you
14- the more men who use you to cum in the better a cum dump you become and its your duty
15- A sissy should always have on stockings,heels thong make up and the sluttiest clothing , a chasity device ,
16- Im prod to be a sissy, skank , slut, whore, cock sucker. ,cum dump ,fuck hole ,