London Life
2020-06-15 22:27:34 (UTC)

The controversy continues

On Sunday we listened to a podcast in bed and sat reading the news until Jack went to his parents. He got his tube replaced at the bike shop first and we had a coffee on the square while we waited for them to do it. You still have to queue to get in. I took a few little videos for a future area montage I'm going to put together, then listened to the Amazing Chart and at last finished the Top 100. A shame it was late this week, as Fontaines were on top.

After I was feeling better about the group run cancellation yesterday, I got depressed about it again today. We had a Zoom call, which I was happy about Ben writing to ask if I was joining. He said that IV tends to be quite single-minded when he decides something. Liz was very quiet but Beth, Abi and Sally all had plenty to say. Today Ben said there was another call tomorrow and some things might be reversed after the reaction. He said to hold off writing to Liv, but I still wrote, because it was a reaction to the email she sent last week, rather than anything Ben revealed on Friday.

I think we're all guilty of not taking on the full implications of her email of the 5th, and she sent some replies today pointing out that they were reliant on an annual grant/donation which might not continue, something I pointed out a few days ago having seen last year's accounts.

Today we took a coffee and spinach pie to Regent's Park, saw plenty of fit girls with micro-mini skirts swishing around their bum - one with a split up the front and one denim one with a hole in the back. It's now the part of summer where the sexy legs really come out.

Additionally sport bras now seem acceptable as tops, and it was also nice to see a sunbather stand up in her string-thong bikini to proudly display her bare buttocks to the world. This just wouldn't have happened in a public park a few years ago. I remember in the 2000s pulling a bikini up my bum for a few seconds in the park, for a buttock-flashing photo, looking casual so as to give the impression I'd been wearing it like that all the time, to make me look super-daring, because it wasn't something anyone would normally do.

I was wearing a running skirt today, as I planned to run a half marathon distance in the afternoon, but we spent too long on our feet as Jack took pictures of giraffes and ducks, and I thought it best to postpone it until tomorrow.

I started sorting out my diaries, and was reading a 2001 version about an incident I remember when my little brother had a crying fit after a trivial lunchtime argument with my elder brother over whether bones are hollow. Eventually he screamed at one of our parents that "you brought him up to be horrible to me every minute of the day". What amazed me now, was that he wasn't a child when this happened but 17!

After writing to Liv, sending a copy to WhatsApp groups and getting replies now from Danny and Dharmesh, I cycled up to Waitrose and again ate pasta and potato to carb up for my run tomorrow.

We stumbled across a telly channel which shows old black and white films, and saw a bit of a 1950s police drama which included some interesting location shots around the Royal Festival Hall, which at that time had a road in front of it and a big chimney to the East. Then we saw the first part of a drama about the Russian poisoning incident in Salisbury in 2018. It focused on the public health inspector of Wiltshire, rather than the police. It was very detailed and quite technical.