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2020-06-15 11:57:28 (UTC)

Been awhile

June 15, 2020

Been awhile since I’ve written.

I’ve been battling with depression, kidney stones, and Indio had a heart attack last weekend when he came up with his son.

Started back self harming again.

Been angry with myself for some reason.

Indio isn’t talking to me either, not sure what’s all going on. But that’s not the reason for self harming.
Some reason the past three days I’ve been angry, not certain to what’s causing it, but come to the conclusion I’m angry at myself. Not certain as to why. I’m sure it will eventually hit me. Till then, I’m just trying to stay busy. Been doing light yard work, and little things, even watched some movies and played on the PlayStation for the first time in awhile.

Been taking short walks everyday.

I sit outside a lot, listen to the birds and watch the humming birds feed on the feeder right next to where I sit.

Other than that, I’m not sure what to say. Oddly enough, I’m pretty numb emotionally. I’m not sure if I’m shutting down, and if so, not sure why.

Oh well,

Oh, did finally get my head cut and shaved, after waiting for 4 months. That felt great, just bites it cost 82$, had it bleached as well.

Till next time......