Do Not Disturb

2020-06-15 06:43:48 (UTC)

One Of Those Days

Praying that I don't have to see Ivan today but then again it'll be a 50/50 % chance that I will since, I work with him and his girlfriend every night and his girlfriend trying to be all friendly with me anf shit and talking to me bc she know that I use to like her boyfriend and all. He doesn't even care that he hurted me. I'm just done trying with guys who doesn't give a fuck about me. I need to stay strong. No negative vibes today at my job. Just ALL posotive. I'm still gonna ask my manager can I work mornings and not nights. I don't really like my night time shift people. Also because so I don't have to see Ivan and his girlfriend every day. But I'm off tomorrow and that I'm happy about. 😊

Few minutes later... Well, he's indeed working today I had a gut feeling he did but his girlfriend's not thank goodness. But I still hate him for what he said to me he's such an asshole. I don't even get why I liked him in the first place I mean I did but we don't need to get into that because I HATE HIM. But after what he said to me yesterday on Snapchat about me being a creep changed my whole mood about him and so I blocked him and I OFFICIALLY don't like him anymore. He can kiss my ASS for all I care.

- A

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