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2020-06-14 16:42:27 (UTC)

Vulcans: Their Potentially Turbulent Subconscious!

The Vulcans on Star Trek may be just as immature, possibly more so than humans on a subconscious level.

Humans go through emotions and experience them, therefore fully processing them. Vulcans don't. They repress their emotions and therefore, under the surface of calm they portray, may be quite emotionally immature.

Vulcans suppress emotion and remain calm at all times, using pure logic to solve everything. However, when they sleep, apparently they don't have full control over their subconscious, as they do over their conscious, waking life. Their dreams can be as wild and emotional as a human's!

In episode 13 of season 4 of Star Trek:Voyager, Tuvok, a Vulcan, has a very common human dream. Harry Kim, one of the youngest crew members, also has a very common human dream. I mention the fact that Harry Kim is very young, to point out that Tuvok, a Vulcan, is sharing a human trait with a younger and therefore, more immature human. Tuvok's subconscious may very well be emotional, immature and very human-like.

Tuvok's dream is that he arrives on the bridge naked and everybody laughs at him. A very common human dream - that of being nude in public.

Harry Kim dreams that Seven of Nine is trying to seduce him.

Whether or not Tuvok appeared embarrassed in his dream, he very much preferred not to tell Captain Janeway what his dream was about when asked about it.

He actually seemed embarrassed by it! Quite illogical - and a very emotional response, especially considering that he's a Vulcan!

Vulcans are so fascinating!

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