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2020-06-14 13:57:03 (UTC)

Brisa x Gia: Part 1:

Brisa = Victim
Gia = Cheerleader
BriGia: Friends and also the Cheerleader Teammate

06-03-2020: Introducing the Hawks Cheerleaders:
(Brisa walks to the Dance room, and we just sawed Cheerleaders)
Hawks Cheerleaders: (screaming, and hugs Brisa each other)
Brisa: Aah Hi!
Montse: Brisa I love your dress!
Brisa: Thank you!
Montse: Gia is gonna help to show where your lockers are?
Brisa: Okay.
(Girls Locker: Gia and Brisa are in the locker room alone)
Gia: So here's your lock and key, and your number gonna be 18!
Brisa: Okay. (opens the locker) So lucky how was it!
Gia: Great!
06-15-2020: Cheerleading Squad:

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