Beauty in Darkness
2020-06-13 23:40:54 (UTC)


Christopher is my boss. Yes, another Chris.

I was one of his Writer's editor and proofreader. We had meetings once a month, spoke over the phone here and there etc. We got to know each other over time.
I got a promotion late last year; senior editor. It was great and all, money wise, but it kept me from actually doing what I love. Editing.
I got sick of it. I told my bosses at the time and they said it was part of my responsibilities. I had a meeting with Christopher that day and he noticed something was off. I remember him saying 'Someone's in a mood today'
And I said 'You'd be too if you worked here'. I regretted those words immediately. I apologized for being unprofessional and we finished our meeting.
A few weeks later, I saw Christopher again and he told me about his company. A family business run by him and his sister. Small company, but well known in the publishing world.
I asked 'Why are you telling me this?'
He said 'Because I need an editor. I want you to work with me'
The first thing I'd noticed was that he said work WITH me and not FOR me.
I asked for a written offer and a contract. I signed the contract a month later. The new job doesn't pay as much as the previous one, and I don't have an assistant anymore. I really don't care about that because I'm doing what I love. Editing and proofreading. ONLY that. I'm happy.
I started this job sometime in March, then this Covid19 crap messed that up. I worked from home until recently.

When I met Christopher, he had a girlfriend and I was with CM. I wore a ring, a necklace with his name on it and I had his picture on my desk. I told everyone that I was married. What a fucking dumbass I was. Christopher and his girlfriend split long before CM and I parted ways.

During lockdown, I had to call him multiple times a day. 'This writer made changes to this, this writer said this and that writer wants to do that' blah blah.
Our phone calls got longer and I realized that we have a lot in common. Christopher asked personal questions about my relationship with CM sometimes but I avoided it.
CM and I broke up I think on my second or third day at the office. Christopher did not ask questions because he saw CM's picture in the trash bin. Fucking expensive frame and all. I avoided everyone like the plague for a few days to get myself together and then slowly started talking to everyone again.
Christopher kept his distance to let me heal I guess. He's my boss. I couldn't avoid him forever.
So anyway, I'm back at work. Going through a breakup, after I came out of hospital where my soul died. We had to get the company running again after almost two months. It was chaos!
I'm not allowed to take my work home,company policy. No one knew covid19 would happen, so I kind of have to take some work home now. This also gave Christopher an excuse to call me every night to check on my progress.
Sometimes he'd ask 'What are you doing right now?' and I'd tell him I'm on my bed with papers everywhere or I'm in my office or sitting on the floor with a manuscript or whatever. We used to talk about work. Nowadays it's more sexy.
The other night he asked for a picture. I sent him a pic of the manuscripts on my bed, but my bare legs were in the picture. He said 'I love your legs' and I replied with ☺️. He asked 'No pants?' and I said 'No... Wearing a long shirt' lol
Him: Lemme see
Me: LOL nope
Him: Chicken
Me: Send me something first
He sent a picture of his v-line and his abs.
God, he's gorgeous!
I sent the picture he asked for and he replied 'There's something missing'
Me: Pants? 🤣
Him: No. My hands.
And that's how sexy time started with my boss. We decided to keep it our little secret for now. I was the last person hired at his company. Can you imagine what people will say when they find out?
'She fucked him to get the job'
That is exactly what they will say. Nosy idiots.
We haven't had sex...yet. I haven't had sex in a while, and I plan on keeping it that way.
Last night was the first time Christopher made me cum on video. Technology, eh?
I lost it when he said 'Say the word and I'll come to your house right now'
I almost did.

But we can't.

I need to prepare for work on Monday,mentally. I'm sure it'll be awkward AF.

Claire is in a mood. It looks like she's losing her mind. She can't see her child as the welfare said she's not ready. She might even lose her job. Im trying to be her friend but she's testing my fucking patience. She came home late, drunk. Which is why I'm writing this entry at almost 2 in the damn morning. Suicide watch.