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2020-06-13 22:53:11 (UTC)

Why The Borg Collective Are Illogical

I want to briefly explain why The Borg from Star Trek do not make sense. The Borg are a Collective. They're like Drones. They're like ants. They follow a Queen Bee or a Queen Ant, I should say. However, a Collective implies that there are no individuals. So, The Queen herself, contradicts this. Also, Seven of Nine contradicts this. Seven of Nine was unique, even as a Borg. She was kind of like a commander to the queen, like Chakotay was to Captain Janeway. Maybe part of why they make a good match. Nonetheless, I digress.

The Borg are like one mind, drones - they do what they are ordered to do. However, The Borg Queen says that every race that they assimilate adds to their perfection. That in itself is a contradiction because you cannot add to perfection. Perfection is perfection. There's nothing to add to it. It would make more sense for The Borg Queen to say that a race helps them to become closer to perfection. And even if The Borg were to assimilate every single race in the universe, wouldn't they also acquire all those races' flaws?

Now, The Borg Queen says that they assimilate a race for their unique abilities. However, all I see with The Borg are mindless drones, who are not unique at all. The only unique one is The Queen and Seven of Nine, as I've previously mentioned. The Queen herself, is a contradiction to the very idea of The Borg, itself, because the only way The Borg should have a Queen, is if The Queen herself were not a Borg. But, yet she is. So, it really doesn't make sense because if she is that unique, enough to be a leader of a massive group, she can't truly be a Borg, herself. But, yet she is. It really doesn't make any sense.

The Borg are very illogical.