London Life
2020-06-13 22:24:13 (UTC)

Highgate Woods and The Games

Yesterday I only got 2½ hours sleep, probably because I'd run so far in two days, so drank too much Lucozade. Last night I went to bed late but didn't wake up this morning until 09:00. So I was quite rushed; we had a cuddle, my Saturday online chat, ate some home-made bread and did some Pitcherwits.

I ran up to Highgate to help the Rangers. With the six-person limit Coronavirus limit, it was full up in minutes, when advertised a few days ago. Saw Beth on her bike, she didn't know where to go, this after Val had asked online where to go and I posted a map - from the task web page - showing the Queen's Wood cafe.

In Muswell Hill Road I caught up with the rather pretty Mia, we went on to that cafe with Beth, though Abi, Val and Sally had said they were at the Pavilion Cafe, I thought because it was actually open, but in fact the Ranger was there as well.

What we were doing was dismantling wooden "dens" made by boys in the woods. I chatted up sweet Ria, who I must have spoken to before. as she asked me about gigs. Afterwards I actually went to the Woodman pub with Abi and Sally - they were doing takeaways, and we lay on the grass across the road and had a rare, hugely enjoyable couple of drinks in the sun.

As they'd run out of CTB beer the second time round, they gave me a cider, which meant I'd preceded the 5km run home with a snakebite! I was just in time to heat up my lasagne and get ready for the Games. I'd made the live final but the connection didn't work, apparently because I used an old link. The other finalist was Tim who was interviewed live.

Jack had paid for some live comedy so I was later watching the Games on delay, and didn't get as far as seeing my pea-sucking efforts. I briefly featured in the sock-throwing; someone made a comment that the bucket looked "above regulation size". I wished I'd have entered the elimination race, but I got injured and had an existing long run on the deadline day of Wednesday.