London Life
2020-06-12 21:44:35 (UTC)

Is my life falling apart?

I'm feeling now as if my life is falling apart. They're bringing back football without letting us go and watch it, which has angered me so much that I will never be as keen again to go to every match. But I thought that at least this would enable me to go to more of the running events I have to miss for football.

Now it has emerged that they want to stop weekly group runs, and just do random tasks instead. Thus would spoil the whole operation, as it's the group runs which get people involved, making friends and gets new members along.

If I'm to lose this as well as the football, I would be likely to rely too much on Jack, who's great when I've got a big social life in addition, but can't give me the kind of big-group get-together I love (and which he doesn't). The group runs and the friendships they've given me have been the best thing in my life the last five years.
I would still have the existent friendships, but the group would be less fluid and would either on the vine; what I love most is meeting the new people who join. They would have found it much harder to stop the runs if they hadn't been enforceably halted anyway.

I was off work today but had to do the Top 100, and I was still having spreadsheet problems, the cursor won't even land in a cell for long spells, it just drifts over them. We went to Elie's cafe at lunchtime, and used the new coffee place by the canal for the first time. We sat at their tables, in a bend in the canal opposite the waterfalls near where the ducks and swans tend to nest.

In the evening, as I'd got some reduced-price kale the other day, I made lasagne. There have been a few sport re-runs on television - I watched the 1987 Cup Final on ITV but it wasn't very interesting. ITV also did the sensational Euros game when England beat the Netherlands 4-1, a game I was at. Tonight we watched a Channel 4 documentary on the 2005 Ashes series. It was nice to watch but it would have helped if they'd included some scores along the way.

The Government are looking more and more hopeless and dangerous as more information comes out. A top scientist worked out they could have halved the number of deaths with even a four-day earlier lockdown, let alone a week (my note in this diary at that time expressed surprise at the UK's attitude against that of comparable nations). They ignored warnings to stockpile PPE and sent 25,000 patients from hospital to care homes. This on top of their disastrous decisions over testing, where they could have followed good practice already demonstrated elsewhere. Johnson had appointed ministers on the basis of how rabidly fact-ignoring, anti-EU they were, making them exactly the people unable to make considered decisions.