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2020-06-12 13:24:28 (UTC)

What's the use??

I just keep on stalking monku. On insta, whatsApp, truecaller his life seems to be going very normal and smooth. He sleeps on time, eats on time shopping shows jacket n bla bla it seems he is just fine without me. I was thinking to not wait till 3 months to get over I mean whats the use? He is unaffected. He is not calling, not msg, not even stalking me. I u blocked him from insta. I'll unblock him from whataspp also just to see weather he checks even if he check and found out what will he dodo? What's then use???? So I'll msg him after I complete 2 months. So I have thought what all am going to talk.

Hi, how are you?
So once again your ego wins against our love. Do you realise that it's been 2 months up we haven't spoken?
I knew 99.9 %that you won't call but I still waited because you always say I was going to call so thought to wait. I knew you have no that courage to confront. So I have not msged to fight. I have not msged to day sorry or do not even expect anything from you. 5 yrs of relationship is a big deal for me. If this is what relationship demands if this is what you want then let's do it properly. Dnt you think so. I have honestly obediently and whole heartedly been in this relationship for 5 yrs without any thought. All these 5 yrs have been just us for me. So losing is so easily would be so unfair. So I thought to talk it out and make a closure. Or else I will not be possible for me to live in peace. I dnt want to harm my mental health for someone who dnt care. Also I want to thank you for protecting, caring and pampering me through out bla blaaaaa blaaaa

What will he think?
Will he ignore? Will be reply positive? Will he reply angrily? Will he agree or will he fight? I have no idea. So I'll msg him when no one is around n Iam free alone. But post 15th June. What if he visit me before that 😃😃😃😃
That's not possible🙊🙊🙊🙊 I'm fool to think that.
Anyways cyaaaaa