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2020-06-12 10:30:57 (UTC)

Gunk and Heat

It's that point during the day when I don't know if things will take a turn for the worst or best. I got dressed and noticed I've gained back a bit in my abdominal area, but before letting that consume me, I just thought up a plan to walk two times a day. I'll just have to try and get up early so the town won't be so crowded when I pass through it.

I've finished preparing and have a half hour before class. There are some positive notes everywhere but my problem has always been that I can never see them all together. And compared to the negatives they seem nonexistent. I'm wondering whether I should start talking to Dr. N again, because in theory, I know what I need. Maybe she'll offer some advice. And I found a few self-love books that are more scientifically based or are interactive. I don't want someone to make me feel good with words. I want to restart my brain. So I'll take whatever exercises I have to do.

Mild headache coming through. Sorry for the negativity. I miss writing beautifully.